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Maritime Personal Injury

Lafayette Maritime Accident Attorneys Take Action for Injured Clients

Determined representation for boating accidents and Jones Act claims

As a coastal state with vast interior waterways, Louisiana has a high volume of water traffic: barges, commercial ships, commercial and recreational fishing vessels, ferries, private yachts, personal watercraft, and offshore oil rigs are put to abundant use. Inevitably, accidents happen, causing injury and wrongful death. At Goforth & Lilley, we provide reliable legal counsel for victims of boating accidents and seamen with Jones Act claims. Drawing on more than 75 years of combined experience, we thoroughly investigate the cause of your accident and work diligently to recover the greatest amount of compensation possible.

Holding negligent parties accountable for injuries on the water

The rules for operating a boat on a body of water are very similar to those for driving a motor vehicle on land. There are speed limits in certain areas, laws against operating under the influence, rules about the right of way and, most important, a duty to proceed with reasonable caution.

A boat operator who breaches the duty of care toward passengers and other vessels is liable for any injuries that breach causes. An owner who rents a vessel or personal watercraft can also be held liable for injuries due to faulty equipment, such as a defective engine or a shortage of life jackets. Owners and operators can be held liable for injuries that occur when their negligent actions leave others stranded in the water. Our attorneys examine the facts and build a compelling case for fair compensation.

Capable representation of seamen’s Jones Act cases

The Jones Act is a federal law that gives ship employees the right to sue an employer when the employer’s negligence or a vessel’s unseaworthiness causes personal injury or wrongful death. To qualify, a worker must:

  • Be employed on a specific ship or by a shipping company
  • Spend at least 30 percent of employed time aboard the vessel
  • Perform duties that contribute directly to the ship’s functions

Eligible employees include crew members, cooks, cruise directors and anyone else who meets these qualifications, including oil rig workers. The Jones Act does not cover dockside workers, such as stevedores, who fall under the Longshore and Harbor Worker Compensation Act. The Jones Act does not allow an eligible worker to sue for any kind of work-related injury; the injury must be the direct result of employer negligence or an unseaworthy vessel.

If you qualify as a seaman under the Jones Act, our attorneys can help you obtain full compensation under the Jones Act for your injuries.

Contact our established Lafayette law firm for your maritime injury claim

Goforth & Lilley is a reputable Lafayette law firm managing maritime personal injury and Jones Act claims. To learn how we can help with your case, schedule a free consultation and case evaluation. Call us today at 337-446-4239 or contact our office online.

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