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Products Liability

Lafayette Products Liability Attorneys Fight for Consumers

Seeking full, fair personal injury damages for dangerous products

Products liability is the area of the law that protects the public from products in the marketplace that are unreasonably dangerous. Goforth & Lilley provides highly professional and determined representation for consumers who have been harmed by defective products, such as auto parts, medical devices, appliances, electronics, and home construction. If a consumer product has caused you harm, holding a powerful corporation accountable can be very difficult. But an experienced and dedicated attorney from our firm can level the playing field and help you get the full, fair compensation you deserve.

Louisiana standards for dangerous products

Under Louisiana law, a manufacturer is liable for injury to a consumer if “a characteristic of the product … renders the product unreasonably dangerous” during “reasonably anticipated use.” The “characteristic” or defect must exist in the product when the product leaves the manufacturer’s control or it must result from “a reasonably anticipated alteration or modification.” These requirements allow a consumer to sue even if the injury occurred during improper use or after tinkering with the product, as long as a reasonable manufacturer could have foreseen the specific type of misuse or tinkering.

The law lists four categories of product defects:

  • Manufacturing — The defect results from “construction or composition.”
  • Design — The defect results from a faulty plan.
  • Warning — The defect results from inadequate warning about inherent dangers.
  • Warranty — The defect exists because the product “does not conform to an express warranty of the manufacturer.”

The plaintiff has the burden of proving the necessary elements of the case by a preponderance of the evidence.

Common defects cases for our injury attorneys

Our attorneys have managed numerous cases of personal injury and wrongful death due to defective products. Common cases in this area include:

  • Building and construction — Faulty construction is extremely dangerous. The problem often lies with an architect’s or engineer’s error, a contractor’s negligence or the use of substandard materials.
  • Defective auto parts — Recently, auto manufacturers were forced to issue sweeping recalls due to defective ignition switches, gear shifts and air bags that caused catastrophic and fatal collisions.
  • Defective household products — Appliances, electronics and boilers have been known to cause a wide range of injuries, including shock injuries, and spark fires in homes.
  • Medical devices — Faulty knee and hip replacement systems, IVC filters, warming blankets, surgical mesh implants and other devices have caused devastating injuries and death to innocent parties.

If a defective product has injured you or a loved one, you can trust our attorneys to pursue your claim with the utmost professionalism to deliver the best possible results.

Contact our seasoned trial lawyers for products liability representation in Lafayette

Products liability cases require highly professional representation against a strong and determined defendant. Goforth & Lilley has the knowledge and experience to hold large corporations accountable for the harm their defective products inflict on consumers. To learn how we can help, schedule a free consultation and case evaluation. Call us today at 337-446-4239 or contact our office online.

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